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We at Hollimon Car Detailing in Houston offer a full range of car detailing services, from deep interior cleaning to shining exterior cleaning. Trust us to expertly handle all your auto detailing needs.

Houston's Top Choice for Car Detailing

At Hollimon Car Detailing, we make car detailing fun and easy for you in Houston! Our friendly team is really good at cleaning and shining cars, making them look like new. If you’re in Houston, Texas, and want your car to look its best, come see us. We promise to take great care of your car, giving it the sparkle and shine you love. Whether it’s a quick clean or a full detailing, we’re here to help your car shine!

Our Auto Detailing Services

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Premium Interior Detailng

Looking for a car clean that feels like new? Our premium Interior detailing service includes everything from a seats and floor mats to dashboards. 

Inside, we meticulously vacuum, shampoo, and freshen the air, while polishing door panels for that showroom shine. It’s more than just cleaning; it’s a transformation for your car. Get ready to be impressed by a car that doesn’t just look clean but feels exceptionally rejuvenated.

Lite Interior Detailing

Refresh your car’s interior with our Lite Interior Detailing. We thoroughly vacuum every area, from carpets to seats, and gently wipe down surfaces to remove dust and debris.

Our service includes UV protection on plastic surfaces, preserving their look and feel. Plus, we ensure your interior glass and windows are streak-free for perfect clarity. This isn’t just a cleaning; it’s a light yet effective rejuvenation for your car’s interior, making it feel fresh and new.

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Hand Car Wash

Give your car a gentle touch with our Hand Car Wash service. We meticulously hand wash your vehicle, ensuring every surface is treated with care and attention.

This personalized approach removes dirt and grime while preserving your car’s paint and finish. Our skilled team takes the time to clean every nook and cranny, leaving your car sparkling clean from top to bottom. It’s more than just a wash; it’s a thorough, hand-done cleanse that leaves your car looking its absolute best.

Why Choose Us

Fast and Timely

Reliable, speedy service ensuring your car is ready on time.

Pick-Up and Drop

Enjoy convenient pick-up and drop-off services within a 5-10 mile radius

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We promise to make every detailing perfect, just at you need.

About Us

Make your Car Shine with our Auto Detailing Services!

Re-energize and maintain your vehicle’s intact appearance with our extensive car detailing services.

Discover Our Specialized Packages

Normal Detailing

Vacuum, Handwash, Tire Shine, Window Cleaning

Small Car




Large Trucks & SUV


Normal Detailing

Hand wash, Tire Shine, Window Cleaning, Vacuum, Air Freshner, Door Jams, Interior Cleaning, Shampoo., Show Room Shine

Small Car




Large Trucks & SUV


Why Choose Us

Houston's Premier Auto Detailing

Dedicated detailing services provided with utmost care to every vehicle service. Ensuring Superior quality, detailed attention to service and a final look that speaks about our commitment towards service.

Legal Business

Trustworthy and Compliant Car Services w the Better Business Bureau

Fast & Perfect

Efficiency Meets Excellence in Our Car Detailing Process

Best Pricing

Affordable Excellence: Unbeatable Prices for Top-Quality Detailing

4.8 Stars Review

Rave Reviews: 5-Star Service for Your Vehicle for better quality work

Custom Work

Tailored to Perfection: Personalized Car Detailing Solutions

Ticket Service

Convenience at Your Doorstep: Car Detailing with a Ticket Service Twist

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